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“As a practitioner of natural health, I am committed to helping you find solutions to restore balance and live with intention through your own journey of holistic health management”.
~ Jolene Wykes, MEd., CNHP, Bionetics Practitioner
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My Story

Managing health with natural solutions is one of my great passions and a holds a huge place in my story. Two pieces of the story are in the form of CBD (a product) and Bionetics (a procedure), and HHM Wellness Solutions incorporates the two.

When my mom was diagnosed with a GBM (terminal Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer), she went through a typical protocol of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and lived longer than the doctors expected. Her positive outlook made a huge impact! We were told that she would experience significant pain as the end of her life drew near.  Even though opioids and similar pharmaceuticals were administered, she was still in pain. Because of my background and love for my mom, I sought natural answers for some relief. That’s when I found CBD oil from a (non MLM) company – Pure Cannaceutical, based in Oklahoma City.

Within four days of initial administration of the oil, moms pain level went from a constant 6 to a zero! Because of this ONE change, she was able to go OFF muscle relaxers, anxiety meds, and opioids, with ZERO pain, and was able to live pain free until the final days of her life. Pure Cannaceutical provides organic, non-GMO, American grown, THC-free, full spectrum line of phyto-rich cannabinoid products.  Contact me for information about purchasing products. I also carry Pure Cannaceutical products with CBG which is THC-free but not on the website.

My first experience with Bionetics was in 2011, and within about a month, I felt better for the first time in a VERY long time. What is Bionetics?  Simply put, it’s a “weaving together of life”.  My tapestry took a long time to weave – radiation as a baby, disabling headaches, chronic strep throat, antibiotics, mono and more, were constant companions before I turned 20. With grit and determination, plague turned into passion, and that passion turned into helping others with autoimmune and similar issues.

As a Bionetics practitioner, I utilize incredible technology called the SpectraVision ™, use my life experiences, practical suggestions, and insight into your daily practices to help you navigate the journey of better overall health and wellness.  In THIS story, we work together to find solutions to restore balance and learn to live with intention through holistic health management, to “create” a new YOU.

Products are not for sale without an appointment. See additional information about SpectraVision ™ scanning procedures, requirements, expectations, and pricing by clicking on the Holistic Health Management tab. 

May you find health and wellness in putting YOUR story together!

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I am a CBD products distribution partner for Pure Cannaceutical Products by Can-Tek labs, based in Oklahoma City.  All products are industrial hemp derived and contain no THC. (a psychoactive cannabinoid – so there’s no getting high). They provide third-party lab testing results and uphold the highest of standards in a very under-regulated industry.

Healthy Hemp Mom exists to provide hopeful solutions to common health issues for you and your family. Persons who deal with pain, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, addictions, MS, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, have found that taking CBD can be an appealing treatment option. You can go to the Place Order tab to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen To The Science Behind CBD!
Our Products

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis plant, which provides medicinal properties. The letters stand for the word Cannabidiol. CBD comes from the plant marijuana, but it is also comes from hemp plant. Both provide medicinal properties. Both are in the cannabis family. The structural, chemical, and even cultivation of each plant is quite different.

What can CBD do for me?

Many sources, including Project CBD (which is a non-profit educational news service,) state multiple reasons people take CBD. Persons who deal with pain, inflammation, seizures, spasms, arthritis, diabetes, addictions, MS, depression, PTSD, as well as other neurological disorders, have found that taking CBD can be an appealing treatment option. CBD is currently being investigated at academic research centers for its neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, as well as its anti-cancer properties.

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute or alternative to information from your health care practitioner. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist about potential interactions or possible complications before using any product.

Is CBD legal?

Industrial Hemp derived CBD is legal in all states. There is still great confusion, even among authorities, about the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. Check your state’s legal status regarding allowable THC percentage. Pure Cannaceutical products sold on this website contain zero THC.

If I take CBD, can I pass a drug test?

Pure Cannaceutical products are derived from hemp. They provide third party lab testing results and are committed to providing top quality CBD products to their consumers, guaranteeing legal status and zero detectable THC on a drug test.  Not all companies can make that claim. It is important to note that many companies make CBD products which contain THC. Depending upon the state you live in, there are certain percentages of THC that are allowed in that state. HOWEVER, if your company has a zero tolerance policy, it is not worth the risk to consume the product in any form, if they don’t provide third party test results.  Don’t be fooled by in-house test results. For Pure Cannaceutical product results, go to and click on the analysis report link.

Will these products get me high?

Pure Cannaceutical products will not get you high.  THC (the cannabinoid that causes a “high”) has been removed by an extraction process. Marijuana can get you high, but Hemp won’t. Pure Cannaceutical products are made from Hemp. According to The Ministry of Hemp – America’s leading advocate for Hemp, if marijuana is grown close to a hemp field, the hemp’s pollen would immediately ruin the marijuana crop because it would dilute the psychoactivity of the marijuana plants.

Why all the health-hype about CBD?

Recent discovery of what is called the endocannabinoid system, is a network of neurons uniquely formed by God, than run throughout the inside of our bodies. These neurons are loaded with receptors that do a happy dance when cannabinoids are introduced to them.  It’s like they are meant to be together. Suffice it to say, many people are experiencing greater health from consuming CBD, because the dance has begun.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant family that includes many species, including both hemp and marijuana.  Hemp and marijuana are two varieties of the same species of cannabis grown for different purposes.  So there is some confusion in regard to when people say “cannabis”, they could mean “marijuana”, but the reference can also be to hemp.  It would be like asking someone if they want an apple (species). But do they want a granny smith or do they want a red delicious (variety).  In the apple example, everyone knows it’s an apple, but there are physical differences about them. Ask any good apple pie baker, and they will tell you that red delicious does not make the best pie.  Apples are grown for different purposes. So is cannabis.

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp is a variety of cannabis growing to near 15 feet tall, has long sturdy stalks, and has multiple uses.  It’s molecular compound delivers high in the cannabinoid CBD, and low THC.

Marijuana is a variety of cannabis grown to about 5 feet tall and has more leaves and buds and its molecular compound delivers high in the cannabinoid THC (what gets you high), and lower in CBD. It is mainly used for recreational purposes, but also makes provision for synergistic pain relief.

Why is there such a price difference in CBD oils?

I get asked this question a lot. My immediate response is “BE CAREFUL”. Depending on the manufacturing process, it could have metal particulates or contain trace amounts of THC. Many oils are outsourced through other countries where soil and handling standards are not quality and as a result, may contain microscopic mold and fungus. Extraction practices vary and great care needs to be taken during the process so that other beneficial cannabinoids are not taken out. And a big question resides in the active molecule content of the oil. There is certainly a lot to consider. You can purchase a 2 oz. bottle of oil for $20 or $200, but you just might be getting what you paid for.

As a CBD products distribution partner for Pure Cannaceutical and Canna-Meds Global by Can-Tek Labs, there is no need to worry about the quality of the products. All products are industrial hemp derived, and contain no THC (a psychoactive cannabinoid – so there’s no getting “high”). Not only that, they provide third-party lab testing results to prove there are NO traceable amounts of THC. The plants are grown with Organic Standards in Colorado. The extraction process is clean and results in a Full-Spectrum product – meaning you get more cannabinoids than just CBD. When Consistency and Potency are of the the highest concern as you look for CBD products, Can-Tek Labs, based in Oklahoma, uphold the Highest Standards in an Under-Regulated Industry.

CBD Products

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HHM carries additional THC-FREE products to assist with even more pain relief ~ click “Appointment” to inquire about Pure Cannaceutical products with CBG. 

Hemp Oil Oral Tinctures

Pure Cannaceutical Hemp Oil Tinctures are 100% THC free, non-GMO, and have a high active molecule content of 60% CBD in each tincture. They are full spectrum meaning you get more cannabinoids than CBD only in the oil, providing synergistic benefits. High pressure liquid chromatography is used in the processing of the oil, so there are no metal particulates or chemical solvents used in the extraction process. Documented 3rd party lab tested products provides assurance of quality, and it’s FDA approved American grown Industrial Hemp.

Uses: anxiety, insomnia, mild pain, overall health
Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides oil (MCT), Hemp Seed oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Extract, CBD Isolate, Non-GMO Lecithin
250mg. tincture
500mg. tincture

Hemp Balm

Pure Cannaceutical Hemp Balm delivers all the same benefits of the tinctures, plus it is paraben free. Use topically applying a small amount for cuts, scrapes, burns, wounds, rash, joint pain, and various skin conditions.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Hemp Seed Butter, Lanolin, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBD, CBG. 
Additional essential oils include: eucalyptus, lemon, frankincense, peppermint. A little goes a long way.
2 oz. balm/$54
.25oz. balm/$13

Hemp Serum

Pure Cannaceutical Hemp Serum comes in a 15ml pump spray canister. It provides great cellular hydration, reduces skin toxins, provides a barrier for environmental germs, replenishes dead skin cells and hydrates and revives new cells. Use after washing hands or face. Some people have reported a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and others use it on hands after being in public areas. Active Molecule content – 60% CBD

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract. Additional Essential Oils: PC blend Thieves Oil, Rosemary, Clove Leaf, Cinnamon Leaf, Lemon Extract, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Myrrh, Bergamont
Available in 15ml pump/$35

Hemp Massage Oil

Pure Cannaceutical Massage Oil comes in a 4oz bottle and delivers a Total of 100mg. cannabinoids. Use externally all over body for muscle relaxation, sunburn, and overall hydrated skin health.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil (Lavender or Peppermint), Hemp Extract
Available in 4oz. squeeze bottle/$35


Sat-a-Vet pet CBD oil has been found beneficial by veterinarians to aid in the treatment of acute ailments like torn ligaments, strains, sprains, bone breaks, post-operative care in the reduction of pain, stiffness, and swelling. It has also been studied to relieve anxiety during fearful times such as thunderstorms or loud noises. The product also includes a minute amount of CBG – another cannabinoid, which enhances the effectiveness of CBD. Check with your veterinarian for use. Products are THC-free, and include benefits of other Pure Cannaceutical Oral Tinctures.

Ingredients: MCT oil, hemp seed oil, hemp extract
60ml bottle/500mg for large breed/$50
30ml bottle/250mg for small breed/$30

Phyto Chews Gummies

Phyto Chews are a BioMax product through Pure Cannaceutical. These gummies are non-gmo, gluten-free, no sugar added, with all natural flavor and colors. U.S. Farm Bill compliant. Each gummie contains 10mg. CBD, 44mcg Vitamin D3, and 400IU Vitamin B-12.  30 gummies  $54

Welcome to Holistic Health Management

~ a division of HHM Wellness Solutions, LLC ~

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Stress has taken a toll on our bodies – anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, and general aches and pains are common complaints.

At HHM Wellness Solutions, you will receive an individualized health consultation to pinpoint how to nourish your body and enhance powerful natural healing and detoxification processes, and be on a journey to better overall health and wellness.

In your 2 hour appointment, we cover:

  • SpectraVision biofeedback testing to reveal the source of health problems.
  • Identify sensitivities which increase the amount of stress your body experiences – bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites, toxicity factors, food sensitivities and even emotional challenges.
  • Testing of nutritional supplements to check their benefit to your body’s unique biochemistry.
  • SpectraVision auricular laser treatment to specifically address the imbalances present which are found in the biofeedback scan.
  • A plan of action which you can begin the very same day.
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“I love the Pure Cannaceutical line! The CBD Hemp oil tincture is helping with anxiety in 3 of my family members. Also, the hemp balm applied topically, has helped my shoulder pain if I irritate a diagnosed bone spur. As a pharmacist, I help many anxious patients in pain and recommend these products.”

~ Misti L. RPh


“I love the Pure Cannaceutical line! The CBD Hemp oil tincture is helping with anxiety in 3 of my family members. Also, the hemp balm applied topically, has helped my shoulder pain if I irritate a diagnosed bone spur. As a pharmacist, I help many anxious patients in pain and recommend these products.” – Misti L. RPh

“After about a week of using the CBD oil tincture, I found that I was sleeping more soundly. Also, I had periodic inflammatory pain in my knee and after applying the balm, the pain was gone.”

~ Doug D.

“I used the hemp balm during my postpartum recovery and was amazed at how quickly it aided the healing process. I believe its a must-have for every new mom!”

~ Jenna B.

“My wife made me come in to the office to see Jolene, when I didn’t think I had anything really “wrong” with me. That was until I immediately started feeling better, had more energy, and my skin started clearing up.  I’m committed to making changes in my life and telling everyone I know to make an appointment”

~ Ron O.

“The brain-fog I had was almost unbearable.  After only two weeks, I feel like I have some hope”

~ Kathleen H.

“I was first introduced to Pure Cannaceutical when my wife hurt her back so badly she couldn’t move without having excruciating pain. Within 30 minutes of administration of the Hemp Balm, she was able to move without pain or tightness. I was so impressed I asked for a sample for my chronic sciatic pain and I too found relief of pain. We also started taking the Hemp Oil tincture every day for inflammation. Between the tincture and the massage oil, we have less stress, anxiety, and muscle pain, and plan to continue using these amazing products!” – Kerrie N.

“In my very first appointment I was dealing with some heavy emotional stuff, and during the laser session I felt a “lifting” of burdens. I don’t know how it works, but I’m glad it does. I’m coming back!”

~ Raquel N.

“I have only one day of supplements left in a 30 day protocol. I feel much more energized and have been sleeping amazingly! Best sleep I have ever had in my life.”

~ Beth T.

Order / Appointments

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

~ Albert Einstein

If you would like to book an appointment with Jolene at HHM Wellness Solutions, fill out the information which will be directed to email. Please provide the best day and best time of day in the message, and she will get back to you regarding appointment times.  Also include a brief sentence about the nature of your requested visit.

If you are wanting to purchase CBD, fill out the information and provide a phone number if you’d like a call back.  Jolene will contact you so you can get personalized recommendations for products.  In a very under-regulated business, it is important to know some facts about any CBD product purchases you might want to make!

Healthy Hemp Mom does not have a retail store front, and does not sell directly online as only cash, check, or Zelle payments are accepted. Texas residents subject to 8.25% tax.  HHM Wellness Solutions is located in Houston, Texas.

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